5 Lockdown Learnings

Since it’s been 100 days since lockdown began (in the UK) I thought I’d share the 5 most important things I’ve learnt so far. 100 days is a LOT of time to think, reflect and act, so I’d like to document my learnings and look back on them when I return to a somewhat ‘normal’ routine, in the hopes that they will stay with me. I also hope that readers will take something positive away from this!

1. You can actually bake healthy food that tastes good

I (just like everyone else) became obsessed with baking, especially with recipes that involve chocolate. I always hated the idea of ‘healthy’ ingredient alternatives because I thought they would completely alter the taste, but I have definitely been proven wrong! I’ve discovered healthier recipes that are low in calorie and fat content and taste just as amazing! Here are some of my favourites:

2. Social media isn’t everything…

More time at home means more time for me to sit and aimlessly scroll through social media. I eventually found myself getting caught up in it, so I had to take a step back and remember that social media is not an accurate portrayal of reality. Nothing is as perfect as it may seem for anyone. I also felt as though I couldn’t escape continuous news updates, which started affecting my mood. Whilst it is important to keep informed with what is happening around the world, your mental health is a priority. I found that reading the news once in the morning and once in the evening felt a lot more refreshing than constantly searching for updates.

3. …But social media can be great for education

Despite the negatives, I was able to turn aimless scrolling into productive scrolling; I have learnt so much on social media. As long as your information is derived from a credible, unbiased source, social media is a great place for you to become socially aware. Here are some sources that I have found helpful:

4. Do everything at your own pace

You’ve most likely seen people be just as productive as they were pre-lockdown by embarking on huge new projects. You may not be the same – THIS IS FINE! We are all in a difficult situation facing our own personal battles, it is okay if you haven’t done something deemed ‘incredible’ during this time. This does not mean that you haven’t achieved anything in the past 100 days; you won’t see the true effects of how this time has benefitted you until you’re looking back and reflecting on it, so don’t worry!

5. Communities can come together

It has been lovely to see people from all backgrounds come together to support those in need. I admire my mum for demonstrating her community spirit by posting letters to our neighbours, letting them know that she is there if they need help with shopping etc. She also volunteers as an NHS Responder, providing additional help and support via phone calls to those in isolation. It is so heart-warming to know that she is just one of millions in this country, including NHS staff and key workers, who are putting the community first at such a challenging time.

My main message here is that no matter how big or small, everyone has made some sort of valuable achievement within the past 100 days. Undoubtedly, your attitude towards some things might have changed, or you may have picked up a new habit or skill without realising. Reflect on the progress that you as an individual have made recently and comment 3 things you have learnt!

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