Every Song on Justin Bieber’s Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe) Album Ranked

If you know me well enough, you know I’ve been proudly obsessed with Justin Bieber since I was 9 years old. His latest album, Justice, was released 2 weeks ago, with the Deluxe Edition coming out last week. I’d also like to add that this is his 8th album to reach number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, making him the youngest solo artist to ever break this record.

I feel like I’ve now had enough time to get to know the album inside out (I may or may not know all the lyrics already) so instead of sharing my love for the album with my friends who aren’t all huge fans of Justin, I feel like it’d be better to rank each song from most to least favourite in a long overdue blog post!

For a fun drinking game: take a shot every time you read the word ‘vibes’

1. Ghost

This is by far the best song on Justice and is so nostalgic and sad yet comforting, all at the same time. On each of Justin’s albums, there is always one song that really connects with me and this is that song. From my perspective, it’s definitely about someone who has passed – my first thought when I listened to it was of the people I miss who have passed. Although I just sat and cried listening to it on repeat when I first heard it, they were happy tears. The lyrics focus more on being grateful for the company you once had and the love you had from that person rather than being sad that they’re gone. It’s something that everyone can relate to because everyone has experienced the feeling of missing someone in some way, especially over the past year. I will 10000% cry when I hear it live but I’m prepared for it.

2. Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)

The locals’ favourite and undoubtedly THE summer anthem for all summers for the foreseeable future. This track is massively influenced by Daniel Caesar and Giveon’s vibe which Justin complements so well – it’s no surprise that the song recently debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. I knew this would be the best collaboration on the album when the track list was released (my intuition is just too good). The whole song is just chill vibes and I can picture myself being at a festival hearing this performed live (petition for Justin to headline Coachella 2022). However, I most certainly do not get my weed from California.

3. Die For You (feat. Dominic Fike)

Easily will always be one of my favourites. The passion in Justin and Dominic’s voices in this song is just amazing and gives me Michael Jackson vibes, especially at the beginning. The type of song that makes me want to dance (and I can’t dance). Sadly, it does conflict with my love for Die For Me.

4. There She Go (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Just good vibes all around! This is such a fun song; you can’t not love it. This was unexpectedly the best feature out of all of the Deluxe Edition tracks. Also, THAT video of him lip syncing to this is >>>>

5. Somebody

Super fun song, also makes me want to dance and would definitely sound so amazing live. Something I’m sure we’ve all realised during the pandemic is that love in any form is so important, and our circumstances have made us appreciate the people we surround ourselves with. Also, us long-time fans definitely noticed the transition from “I just need somebody to love” to “everybody needs somebody” straight away.

6. Loved By You (feat. Burna Boy)

This track introduces a different sound for Justin which is definitely down to Burna Boy’s influence but I love it and feel like it is long overdue. Gives me summer/sitting by the pool type vibes (and I shamefully relate to the lyrics).

7. Hold On

This was the last single we heard before the album was released and I honestly cried watching the music video when it came out. I also had the song on repeat as soon as I first heard it so it’s definitely one of my favourites, but it would probably be higher up on my list if I hadn’t heard it before the album release (I think I’ve just played it too many times). Overall, it has a fun beat which I didn’t expect at the beginning, and a great message which is cute and reassuring; it gives me Be Alright vibes but is something you can kind of dance to. “I know how it feels to be someone who loses their way” did hit deep.

8. Anyone

For some reason I felt super emotional when this was released on New Year’s Day; I’m not even in a relationship but I felt it and it evoked a sense of nostalgia. It makes you want to have someone in your life that you can sing this to – “if it’s not you it’s not anyone” is how I want to be feeling. Every live performance I’ve seen of this track just confirms that it will be one of the best songs to hear on tour as I feel like it would give the crowd so much energy so I’m definitely excited for that.

9. Lifetime

Not to be dramatic but if my future husband is reading this just know this will be our wedding song. It gives me massive Ed Sheeran Perfect vibes (which is a song I don’t really like) however I think this is beautiful. I was quite surprised to find that Ed wasn’t involved in the writing or production of the song! This isn’t a track I would listen to all the time however it makes you feel like you want to be in love and is just raw and emotional. It also reinforces the idea that everyone who comes into your life provides value, whether they remain temporarily or permanently. I fully believe that there is a reason why you come into contact with everyone that you do, and even those who are temporary will teach you a valuable lesson, but ultimately it is such a rewarding feeling when you meet the person who will remain for a lifetime.

10. Love You Different (feat. BEAM)

This is super upbeat and a really fun song, another new sound for Justin that I definitely want to hear more of! The second verse is superior and the way he says “let’s make babies” is…interesting.

11. Deserve You

Simply just a bop but also full of emotion, this track reminds me of the moments where you realise how much you’ve progressed in life and you stop to look back on your past. It’s common to do this and think “how did I get so lucky” when you consider the person you are with or situation you are in and compare it to a low point in your life. You feel like you don’t deserve it yet you are still grateful for your new situation and mesmerised by it. The lyrics “I’m praying that I don’t go back to who I was” and “I don’t wanna be my past” also hit different.

12. Name (feat. Tori Kelly)

I can’t believe it took so long for a Justin/Tori Kelly collaboration to happen but better late than never! I remember being a huge fan of hers in 2016 and even meeting her when I saw her live with a friend, and this song confirmed that I still do really like her sound. The track sounds like her own type of music but Justin’s voice fits in so well. Another emotional song which would probably make me cry if I had someone to cry about who I couldn’t be with, but I currently can’t relate (probably a good thing).

13. Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper)

This song is a major throwback as it marked the start of this new era. I honestly didn’t love it at first but it really grew on me over recent months and it’s such a positive, feelgood song. I’m not a huge fan of Chance the Rapper’s feature on here but I feel like most people would disagree so I’ll leave it there.

14. Lonely (with benny blanco)

Guaranteed to make me cry every time I listen to it, especially when seeing Justin perform it, however the fact that this is one of his most open, emotional and honest songs is really beautiful and it deserves recognition for this reason. Being a fan for 12 years and counting, I watched Justin grow up in the public eye as I was growing up too, so I feel like it’s emotional for any fan to hear him singing about how lonely he felt because he definitely hid it well. It’s refreshing to see that he was able to overcome that period of his life despite seemingly bottling it up. It also should encourage people to understand that regardless of celebrity status, everyone is human and we never know what somebody is going through and should be careful with our words. Although the song relates to fame and being in the spotlight, it is quite comforting to listen to when you do feel lonely and feel like you have no one; it ironically makes you feel like you aren’t alone.

15. Know No Better (feat. DaBaby)

Another cute song – “when I look at you, yeah I see forever” is my favourite lyric. I ranked this low because I expected a lot more from the DaBaby feature and thought it would be more upbeat but it’s still vibes.

16. 2 Much

The album opens with this track and the MLK quote “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” is a perfect way to begin the album and summarise the message that Justin intended to get across in releasing it. I think it’s really great as a first track and has similar vibes to Mark My Words – I can imagine it being the opening song on tour – however I don’t love it as a song on its own. Also, I value my sleep.

17. Off My Face

I actually don’t like this song that much just because I find it a bit plain, however the lyric “it’s your world and I’m just in it” gets me every time and is one of my favourite lyrics on the album. It really is Hailey Bieber’s world and we’re all just living in it.

18. I Can’t Be Myself (feat. Jaden)

I was so excited for this because of the Jaden feature but it sounds REALLY similar to something else I’ve heard before, which puts me off the song because it sounds quite generic. I couldn’t rank this as the lowest song though because it’s still a fun pop song. I expected more because I love Jaden but I think I’ll stick to Never Say Never.

19. Wish You Would (feat. Quavo)

This is a cute fun song and not what I expected but despite this it isn’t bad. I do tend to dislike Quavo’s features on most songs (see Lie by Halsey feat. Quavo) as I find that he doesn’t add much to the song at all so maybe my opinion here is biased.

20. Unstable (feat. The Kid LAROI)

I feel like this is one of my most controversial opinions on the album but I just find the song a bit dull. I know it’s supposed to be slow and honest but it’s a bit too sad/emotional for me. I didn’t expect the song to be so slow because of the feature (see Addison Rae by The Kid LAROI).

21. As I Am (feat. Khalid)

I’ve ranked this song the lowest because although I was really excited for the Khalid feature, this song just didn’t do it for me! I felt it was neither here nor there and I’d probably listen to it the least out of all the songs. The “I hate myself” bit did make me 😦 though.

MLK Interlude

“If you have never found something so dear and so precious to you that you will die for it, then you aren’t fit to live.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Finally, I feel like the MLK Interlude deserves recognition separately from the rest of the album and shouldn’t be ranked amongst the other songs due to its significance. The entire track is part of a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. from 1967. Despite the criticism, MLK’s daughter Bernice King tweeted in support of Justin and thanked him for supporting the King Center. Justin explained that his reason for including snippets of MLK’s speeches in his album was to “amplify Martin Luther King Jr’s voice to this generation,” adding, “a lot of people can be afraid to stand up for what is right, but if you’re not standing up for justice — for what is right — what are you doing with your life?” This is essentially the message that he wanted to portray in releasing the album and one that many will resonate with.

Congratulations if you made it to the end of this extremely long track-by-track review of Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe). Overall, I absolutely love this album, there are no skips, and now I’m just looking forward to hearing all my favourite songs on tour, at front row, with my best friends – there’s no better feeling. Feel free to comment below with your favourite songs from the album and stream Justice!

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