Your Guide to Keeping A Gratitude Journal

Expressing gratitude through journaling is something I have made a habit of recently and it has proven to be very beneficial. It is now something I’m really passionate about and want to share with others. I believe that it can significantly improve your outlook on life, so I wanted to create a quick guide to keeping a gratitude journal!

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is simply about being grateful for what or who you have in your life. These can be small things such as your favourite food, or bigger things such as the job you work at. Most of us are probably expressing gratitude everyday anyway, so some may ask “why do I need to keep a journal if I already know that I’m grateful?” I used to think the same, but I realised that it is about reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for and why. By writing your gratitude down and reading it over, even for just a few minutes, you are giving yourself an opportunity to be mindful and really think about being grateful.

Why is gratitude important?

It allows you to appreciate everything you have and the more you are grateful for things, the more likely you are to appreciate the good that comes to you. It also helps you when you are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, unworthiness or doubt; you can look back at what you have written and just remind yourself of what you can be grateful for. When one aspect of your life is going wrong it doesn’t necessarily mean that every aspect is taking a bad turn, so it is important that you can remind yourself that the things that do go wrong are just a small blip in your life.

How do I keep a gratitude journal?

You can choose whichever method you find most comfortable – in a diary, on your phone or just somewhere where you can easily refer back to your writings. I prefer handwriting my gratitude points in a notebook because I like to feel as though I am setting aside a specific time to focus on it, rather than just taking my phone out and quickly noting something down. You can also decorate your journal with positive messages and images so you know that it is something you can go to look at when you’re feeling demotivated.

When should I express gratitude?

You’re always expressing gratitude but in terms of how often you want to sit down and really think about it, it depends on what suits you. Personally, I write down 3 points every morning before I even get out of bed so that I can start my day on positive note. You could also do this, or maybe write some down every evening right before you sleep, so you’re preparing a positive mindset for the following day. If this seems like too much, you could even set aside some time at the end of every week or month to reflect on the past week or month and what you are grateful for: What happened that you are grateful for? Who did you meet that you are grateful for? What message did you learn or take on board that you are now grateful for knowing?

Who should I pass this message on to?

This is arguably the most important part – sharing this with others. If it benefits your life and encourages you to have a positive mindset, it will only benefit others. The best part about learning a new positive habit is encouraging others to do the same, even if you just get your message across to one other person!

I hope that this short guide was helpful to those who are thinking about keeping a gratitude journal! I’m so grateful for everyone who has read, liked, commented on or shared my blog posts so far!

If you have any questions or tips you’d like to share, please comment them below.

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